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Using Mapbox Boundaries, Search, and GL JS maps Varicent equips sales leaders to optimize market coverage and grow revenue

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Simplified territory planning with detailed Mapbox Boundaries data
  • Accurate zip code-based territory mapping using Mapbox Search
  • Mapbox GL JS maps are flexible enough to handle complex, dynamic territory rules and hierarchies while embedded within business enterprise software

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Top-performing sales organizations work with Varicent to build and manage strategies that maximize sales investments and achieve revenue goals.

Varicent’s portfolio of solutions supports entire go-to-market strategies, from sales plans that optimize sales investments and market coverage, to incentive programs that motivate sellers to deliver revenue objectives. A key component to every sales strategy is deciding how to divide and conquer the market with territories that maximize revenue potential. 

Varicent’s Sales Planning solution includes key Mapbox capabilities to help sales teams design and deploy balanced sales territories that maximize market coverage. The solution provides customizable, embedded interactive maps that are flexible enough to handle complex, dynamic territory rules and hierarchies. Geography-based territory rules can be combined with additional business-defined territory rules such as named accounts, industries, products, and predictive scores.

Interactive maps are essential for sales teams focused on improving territory performance. Mapbox is a perfect fit with our Sales Planning solution because it is intuitive, flexible, and complements additional planning capabilities.

Sarah Van Caster, Vice President, Growth Product Marketing, Varicent

Flexible and custom styling options from Mapbox Maps and data from Mapbox Boundaries help Varicent customers create maps that are visually appealing and convey territory coverage and gaps effectively. Using Mapbox Search, Varicent’s Sales Planning solution offers accurate zip code-based territory mapping. Combined, the mapping features from Mapbox empower sales leaders to optimize market coverage and sales strategy by providing the latest in location intelligence.

By leveraging Mapbox, Varicent customers can take advantage of a powerful set of mapping tools that visualizes their sales data. The results are more actionable insights, improved territory performance, and more effective market coverage.

Territory planning and management is the heart of the sales plan. The mapping capabilities embedded in our solution from Mapbox are really critical to our customers to be able to do that properly and it solves it by being a visual capability.

Marcus Hearne, CMO, Varicent

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