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Mapbox integration allows IBM Cognos Analytics users to enhance data analysis with custom maps and geographic visualizations

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • A powerful suite of tools for comprehensive data analysis
  • Streamlined data retrieval for seamless map visualizations
  • Efficient processing of massive datasets

products used

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A web-based and on-premise business intelligence software, IBM Cognos Analytics allows users to seamlessly connect, clean, and combine data to create compelling visualizations and dashboards. With Cognos Analytics, it’s possible to take any dataset and use AI to discover relationships and patterns, generate insights, and make predictions.

Cognos’ Mapbox integration allows users to create custom maps and visualize geographic patterns to enhance analyses. With its powerful suite of tools (including Mapbox), Cognos users have been able to do everything from track the spread of COVID-19 to promote the use of clean energy.

IBM Cognos Analytics global COVID-19 confirmed case map

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Base Maps

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