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Unlock geospatial analysis in Snowflake with Mapbox

Snowflake Marketplace

Snowflake Marketplace is a centralized hub within Snowflake's Data Cloud that offers a wide array of data-driven applications and services. Native apps on the Snowflake Marketplace leverage Snowflake's cloud-based data platform, allowing seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

The unique geospatial capabilities provided by Mapbox are available directly in Snowflake Marketplace. With the Mapbox Native App, users can easily clean, aggregate, and analyze geospatial data using the Mapbox Geocoding API and Boundaries Data.

Harness the power of Mapbox in Snowflake

Mapbox’s Native Application enables users to access Mapbox services – such as the Geocoding API and Boundaries – via SQL in the Snowflake platform. Now, anyone can cleanse, aggregate, analyze, and visualize geospatial data with a simple select statement.

Address Geocoding

Precise address and places search that processes billions of queries at blazing speed. Access hundreds of millions of addresses and take advantage of advanced features, including batch processing and permanent geocoding – the ability to store the results of your query indefinitely.

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Perform point-in-polygon analysis with Mapbox Boundaries – an edge-matched, topologically accurate set of 5 million boundaries covering Political, Statistical, State, County, City and Zip Code areas, expertly curated across every country.

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Use Cases

Asset Tracking

Convert location data from devices on the edge into addresses and places to enable real-time visibility into inventory levels, theft prevention, shipment tracking, transportation conditions, and more. Store the results for later analysis and compliance.

Retail Strategy

Use Movement data to identify patterns and trends to optimize store or warehouse placement, personalize marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions for inventory management and expansion strategies.j

Real Estate

Accurately map property locations; integrate with relevant data layers, such as towns, postcodes, and neighborhoods; and unlock valuable insights for investment decisions, market analysis, or to deliver a more personalized customer experience for consumer-facing applications.

Demographic Analysis

Gain valuable insights into population characteristics, trends, and distributions within specific geographic areas for data-driven decision-making related to marketing, urban planning, resource allocation, and policy formulation.


Conduct analysis with state and national legislative boundaries. Manage voter registration, enable targeted campaign outreach, and analyze voting patterns.


New Features

We are continuing to enhance the Mapbox Snowflake Native Application. Contact us for early access to upcoming features, including weather data, Navigation APIs, Mapbox Movement data, and advanced geospatial visualizations.

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