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The definitive source for global internet metrics

If you've ever tried to check your internet speed, chances are you've used Speedtest® by Ookla®.

Speedtest by Ookla

Ookla uses Mapbox across its suite of tools to visualize the results of over 10 million consumer-initiated speed tests taken daily and hundreds of millions of mobile network coverage scans. Location context is a key component in painting the picture of global internet and cellular performance and availability.

Ookla 5G Map

Network operators, enterprises, governments, NGOs and hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide rely on Ookla as the gold standard for internet testing, data and analysis. With over 10 million consumer-initiated tests taken daily and billions of data points gathered, Ookla data paints a clear picture of the performance, quality and availability of virtually every network in the world.

Initiatives like Ookla for Good™ provide open-source datasets to help organizations that are seeking to improve people’s lives through internet accessibility. This data helps organizations make more informed policy decisions around internet connectivity, development, education, disaster response, public health and economic growth.

“MTS helps Ookla deliver on our mission of making the internet better, faster and more accessible for everyone by providing the infrastructure to tile our open dataset coverage maps available through our Ookla for Good program. Mapbox and MTS support the rapid delivery of these open datasets, further empowering our partners to make informed decisions in their work to improve internet accessibility. "

Daniel Bozeman- Director of Product at Ookla