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General Motors

Always up-to-date navigation and maps

General Motors’ technology expertise and software innovation are helping change the vehicle ownership experience. With its launch in April 2021, Maps+ upgraded capabilities of one million model year 2018 and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles that previously did not have navigation built-in with a real-time, cloud-based, integrated navigation app that updates over time, using Mapbox Dash and Navigation SDK.

With Maps+, drivers can initiate navigation through built-in voice services, integrate their favorite audio apps, and be informed of low fuel or speed limit alerts.

Maps+ also helps to manage range anxiety for GM EV owners by offering the possibility to search for nearby charging stations when their available range drops below a certain threshold.

As GM continues its digital transformation, products like Maps+ are excellent examples of our drive to build new products, solutions and services, driving growth, while fostering innovative thinking, agility and speed-to-market.

Matt Joshua, Vice President, Infotainment Strategy at GM