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Mapbox Dash and Navigation SDK are the foundation for General Motors’ in-car location ecosystem, tailored to vehicle brand and customers needs

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Easy to deploy via iOS and Android operating systems
  • Mapbox Dash is designed to integrate smoothly with vehicle-specific functions for remarkably quick launch time
  • The result is an innovative in-car navigation experience with flexibility to grow

products used


Navigation SDK

General Motors’ technology expertise and software innovation are helping change the vehicle ownership experience. With its launch in April 2021, Maps+ upgraded capabilities of one million model year 2018 and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles that previously did not have navigation built-in with a real-time, cloud-based, integrated navigation app that updates over time, using Mapbox Dash and Navigation SDK.

With Maps+, drivers can initiate navigation through built-in voice services, integrate their favorite audio apps, and be informed of low fuel or speed limit alerts.

Maps+ also helps to manage range anxiety for GM EV owners by offering the possibility to search for nearby charging stations when their available range drops below a certain threshold.

"As GM continues its digital transformation, products like Maps+ are excellent examples of our drive to build new products, solutions and services, driving growth, while fostering innovative thinking, agility and speed-to-market."

Matt Joshua, Vice President, Infotainment Strategy at GM

“Mapbox Dash delivers an efficient and smooth customizable foundation for our digital location ecosystem and enabled us to launch Maps+ within months with an over-the-air update to the car.”

Santiago Chamorro, Vice President, Global Connected Services at GM

"With Mapbox Dash we can create a customized navigation experience, by creating a completely GM specific design and integrating a vehicle-specific voice assistant, streaming music, and other services"

Santiago Chamorro, Vice President, Global Connected Services at GM

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