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Mapbox supports innovative BMW and MINI Navigation Experience, including 3D visualization, charging-optimized route planning, and distinctive design

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox for EV services enables more efficient personalized trips with range prediction and EV-optimized routing
  • Mapbox Navigation SDK simplessly integrates with own  systems to provide sophisticated in-car navigation experience 
  • Mapbox 3D building data, advanced map styling tools, and a high-performance map rendering provides best in-class map experience

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Navigation SDK

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The BMW Group is set to revolutionize the in-car navigation experience with the launches of new models with BMW/MINI Operating System 9 featuring an all-new navigation system supported by Mapbox. New features include an immersive 3D map style with detailed buildings and dynamic lighting, combined with sophisticated navigation features like charging-optimized route planning. The new navigation system is launching first in the BMW X1 and new MINI Family, followed by several other models, such as the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and BMW X2.

Mapbox supports BMW Group to deliver a distinctive in-car experience that will surpass smartphone apps and typical in-car navigation systems in terms of capability and design. In particular, Mapbox provides the BMW Group with advanced map styling tools, 3D building data, and a high-performance map rendering engine. With Mapbox, BMW Group has the flexibility to integrate data from numerous sources and providers and publish updates continuously and more frequently.

BMW customers expect a navigation experience that matches the brand's exceptional standards. They desire an experience that rivals their smartphone's accuracy and freshness, while seamlessly blending with BMW's iconic design and integrating with in-car systems such as the EV drivetrain and audio. Mapbox offers the ideal technology that enables us to fulfill these dual objectives.

Stephan Durach SVP at BMW Group

Navigation apps on mobile phones have set a new standard for real-time road and traffic insights, but the integration of Mapbox directly into the vehicle takes it a step further, especially for electric vehicles. Both MINIs and BMWs will use Mapbox for EV services, developed specifically for the needs of EVs, including range prediction and EV-optimized routing. Integrated into the BMW and MINI navigation experience, the charging-optimized routes consider vehicle characteristics, road data, and charging station data to help drivers plan safer, more efficient, and personalized trips.

Mapbox services also integrate with BMW Group's own cloud systems, allowing BMW to surface custom content that is relevant to drivers, such as partner charging locations and certified service centers.  While data is freshest when the vehicle is connected, the vehicle predictively downloads map data so that in cellular dead zones drivers can continue navigation seamlessly.

In the cockpit, both BMWs and MINIs feature distinctive display form factors that captivate. The MINIs feature a distinctive circular screen positioned at the heart of the dashboard, while the BMWs’ expansive curved display is ideally positioned for the driver. The adaptable and high-performance map rendering technology from Mapbox is the preferred solution that allows BMW to optimize each pixel and deliver a visually stunning experience across an array of screen layouts and map styles. For example, the new MINI offers seven different map styles that dynamically adjust to a driver’s choice of infotainment theme. The Mapbox Navigation SDK also allows for multiple linked displays of maps and routes across the central display, information cluster, and head-up display.

The digital experience in the new MINIs is centered around a collection of Experience Modes that allow drivers to personalize their vehicle. Everything in the cabin changes based on the active Experience Mode—the lights, the sounds, and thanks to unique flexibility from Mapbox, the navigation changes too.

Michael Würtenberger, Vice President of Business Line My Journey, at BMW Group

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