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Rally Navigator

Design and visualize custom rally roadbooks

Rally Navigator streamlines the process of creating rally navigation roadbooks and race course data using interactive maps and an easy-to-understand interface.   

Rally Navigator software is used in hundreds of professional and amateur rallies around the world to plan everything from casual weekend outings to world championship rally events.

"I started Rally Navigator to make rally roadbook creation simpler and faster, so more people can enjoy the sport of navigation racing. Previous options for making roadbooks were just custom document editors without any map visualization. Adding Mapbox as the cornerstone of Rally Navigator allows a user to create and visualize routes in detailed 3d satellite imagery view. I can focus my efforts on creating an intuitive user interface knowing the maps are both accurate and beautiful."

Mike Shirley, Founder, Rally Navigator

In the Rally Navigator software, users can create and view routes using interactive maps that include detailed satellite imagery and 3D terrain, built with Mapbox GL JS. Adding custom waypoints, notes, and icons is easy and uses the standard iconography and format requirements of the rally world.

When it’s time to hit the road, Rally Navigator turns planned routes into ready-to-print PDF roadbooks, enhanced GPX course files, and worksheets with stage info and scoring data for rally organizers.