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Mapbox GL JS, Studio and Geocoding helped ParkBee increase user engagement and conversion by 30% and reduce operational costs by 50%

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Smooth rendering with GL JS improved map performance, load times, and site responsiveness.
  • The Mapbox Geocoding API enables precise search functionality.
  • Mapbox Studio provides full autonomy for designers and improves efficiency.

products used

Mapbox GL JS



About ParkBee

Imagine having a single platform for all your parking needs: searching, booking, and paying. ParkBee does exactly that by making use of underutilized off-street parking spaces in urban areas to provide a stress free parking experience. By leveraging smart technology and innovative solutions, the platform aims to lead a revolutionary shift in the parking industry, crafting urban environments that are more effective and sustainable.

Through strategic integration with major parking and mobility apps, ParkBee returns space to the city by unlocking the potential of overlooked off-street parking, boasting a user base exceeding 1.5 million individuals across 600+ locations throughout Europe.

Сhallenges of parking search platform development

At the core of ParkBee is the transformation of urban mobility and the resolution of parking challenges, but the platform itself faced significant challenges with performance and complexity of product development. 

Their primary solution fell short in terms of flexibility for advancing ParkBee search experience. The product team faced limitations with design customization and the development process, preventing them from investing further in the ParkBee mapping experience. In addition, the associated costs proved to be higher than anticipated.

A sustainable parking search platform needs a seamless map experience

To overcome map development challenges, the ParkBee team drew upon previous positive experiences building with Mapbox.

A combination of Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox Studio, and Mapbox Search created the capabilities ParkBee needed to optimize their solution for utilization of existing parking facilities.

Mapbox provides a comprehensive set of tools for the urban parking platform 

Mapbox GL JS rendering provides a modern interactive web map experience, properly transformed for smartphone parameters. Smooth rendering improved map performance with faster loading times and increased responsiveness. The ParkBee team can add and manage large, dynamic datasets seamlessly in real time, providing users with reliable access to the most up to date parking options.

Given that 80% of our users access our platform through mobile devices, we prioritize a mobile-first approach. Mapbox has far exceeded our expectations in mobile performance, delivering blazing-fast performance!

Luca Lago, Senior Product Designer, ParkBee

The rich set of customization features and the full autonomy for designers offered by Mapbox Studio have enhanced the ParkBee map interface. 

Using Mapbox Geocoding API, ParkBee is able to quickly support users with precise search functionality and provide a more modern map experience with automated fly-to animation and the map zoom adjustment in response to the area of interest. 

Our users love how effortlessly they can search, find and book our parking locations, all thanks to the improved mapping experience.

Luca Lago, Senior Product Designer, ParkBee

Increased cost savings and conversion rates

Easy to implement tools and open communication with Mapbox product teams sped up and simplified the development process for ParkBee. Since releasing the updated Mapbox-powered interface, ParkBee has seen user engagement and purchase conversion rates increase by 30%. At the same time, operational costs decreased by over 50%.

Industry transformation with Mapbox location technologies

The adoption of Mapbox has allowed ParkBee to overcome technological challenges, enhance their user-centered parking search experience, and achieve significant improvements in engagement. Now, as they continue to leverage Mapbox, ParkBee is able to explore new possibilities in mapping, data, and navigation technologies - reinforcing their commitment to simplifying urban parking and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable urban environment.

Searching for parking is tedious. That’s why at ParkBee we bridge technology with simplicity, to help our users focus on what truly matters: enjoying their time in the city without worrying about finding parking spaces.

Luca Lago, Senior Product Designer, ParkBee

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