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Using the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs, Mapbox GL JS, and Geocoding, the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport optimized their terminal navigation experience for millions of passengers

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • The Mapbox Static Images API provides Amsterdam Schiphol Airport passengers with a clear and intuitive terminal layout 
  • Mapbox Geocoding enhances the overall airport experience with real-time location search functionality
  • Mapbox Maps for web and mobile render detailed indoor maps smoothly across all platforms

products used

Mobile Maps SDK

Mapbox GL JS


Static Maps

Running to a flight just before the gate closes may be romantic in movies, but it’s a terrible experience when flying. That's why Amsterdam Schipol Airport, the fourth-busiest airport in the world, designed their signal terminal layout to help each of their 68 million annual passengers get from one side of the terminal to the other in 45 minutes -- without having to sprint.

Schipol's Indoor Web Maps

To help, they’ve built detailed indoor maps of their terminals across web and mobile that allow travelers to plan their layover, gate change, or dinner plans ahead of time.

Schiphol iOS app

And when you’re not rushing to meet a connection, their self-service kiosks inside the terminal allow passengers to look at live-flight info, search for shops, explore restaurant options, and find transportation to their next destination.

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Base Maps

Static Maps

Instant creation of the base maps for flow maps with Mapbox GL JS and the Geocoding API

Mapbox GL JS


Mapbox Tiling Service and Maps SDK for 10x more data rendering

Mapbox Tiling Service

Base Maps

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