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Keep The World Adventurous Forever

Rivian is a company that reminds us that a car can be more than just transportation–they reimagine the way the world moves with a full line of electric vehicles that are modern, stylish and make adventures come alive. 

With a stunning combination of top-of-the-line performance and revolutionary connectivity, Rivian’s electric R1T pickup truck and R1S sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are opening the door to outdoor enthusiasts who want an EV that goes off-road.

“We spent years studying how people use their vehicles for adventure and incorporated what we learned into every aspect of the R1T - the navigation experience is no exception. We built Rivian navigation with Mapbox because it allows us to create an experience that is designed for adventure and a totally unique Rivian.”

RJ Scaringe, CEO, Rivian

Rivian’s vehicles are designed to go off-road, but they also feature intuitive technology to make driving easier and safer. Powered by Mapbox, Rivian’s in-car console helps drivers find their adventures. 

Using the Navigation SDK, drivers can navigate even the most remote off-road locations with a console that is connected to a continuously updated navigation dataset–providing features such as turn-by-turn navigation cues, speed limit notifications, and 3D rendered maneuvering graphics. The ability for complete customization with Mapbox allowed for the layering of terrain modeling and satellite imagery into the navigation system and created an enhanced user experience.  

Whether they are on or off the grid, Rivian users can seamlessly navigate using the same map data with the built in offline routing engine–ensuring that no adventure is too grand for their adventure focused vehicle.