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The Ocean Cleanup

Developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic

Plastic has been accumulating in our oceans for decades - and The Ocean Cleanup is on a mission to remove it all. With the development of advanced and energy-efficient technologies, the organization is working to not only remove existing plastic, but also intercept plastic flowing from rivers into the world’s oceans.

The Ocean Cleanup’s ‘Sources’ map

"Ocean plastic pollution is a global issue with complex mechanisms, distribution, and scales. The Ocean Cleanup uses interactive maps (powered by Mapbox) to visualize our research and initiatives which greatly helps to disseminate information and knowledge to the public."

- Laurent Lebreton, Head of Research, The Ocean Cleanup

In order to refine their cleanup strategy and maximize the impact of their efforts, maps are a crucial component for The Ocean Cleanup that deepen their understanding of the transport, accumulation, and composition of plastic pollution in the world’s water bodies, as well as track progress of plastic reduction. The organization has built an array of feature-rich maps using Mapbox Studio and Mapbox GL JS, including simulations of global plastic transport and costs associated with marine plastic pollution.

The Ocean Cleanup has effectively implemented custom map styling in order to create detailed, interactive map experiences to match their mission of cleaning the world’s oceans.

Counting the cost of inaction on plastic pollution
Visualizing citizen science data from around the world