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Let's build maps to change the world!

Mapbox started because of the power of location. Working in Afghanistan, Congo, Haiti, and the United States we saw how data and maps can shine a bright light on the hardest of problems. This spirit drives our mission to get the best location tools into the hands of changemakers around the world.

Mentorship and skilled volunteers

Sometimes you need someone to help you build. We can provide technical feedback and facilitate collaboration with volunteers from across Mapbox.

Discounts and tailored accounts

Costs, budget cycles, or procurement should not block positive impact. We can tailor discounts, donations, and other license arrangements.

Special features and permissions

For high-volume or novel use cases, like offline maps, we can connect you with advanced features, special permissions, or beta products.

Promotion and partnership

Let’s get the word out about your work to grow your impact. We can collaborate on shared storytelling, events, networking, and long-term partnerships.

From tools to impact

Location tools help you make better decisions, achieve better results, and tell better stories. The Mapbox Community team exists to support individuals and organizations using these tools for positive impact.

Invest in changemakers

Location is a critical piece of many challenges, from disaster response to disease surveillance to environmental protection and beyond. We offer a range of supports to those who are building solutions.

Increase access and inclusion

Everyone working for the greater good should have access to the best tools available. We invest in open data and open source communities, donate and discount our tools, and create diverse learning resources.

Engage through action

Positive change also requires direct action. We partner with leaders in local and global communities to contribute our time, expertise, and resources.

If you are an educator or student, we have additional supports for you.


CCUSA Disaster Operations

DataKind DC volunteers built an open source dashboard for Catholic Charities USA to use data to help prioritize disaster response operations.

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Web maps in Zanzibar

At FOSS4G 2018, developers from across Africa made web maps using open data with the Zanzibar Mapping Initiative and Open Cities Africa.

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Visualize No Malaria

Together with PATH, Zambia’s Ministry of Health, Tableau, and other partners we're building health data dashboards to help eliminate malaria.

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Indigenous Mapping Workshops

We support annual skills-building workshops around the world that equip map makers from Indigenous communities with a variety of location tools.

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Santa Rosa fire map

When a volunteer-made fire imagery map went viral, we jumped in so that people could continue to view the latest imagery of their neighborhoods.

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Eviction Lab

The first nationwide database of evictions uses an interactive map as a window into poverty and housing crises across the US.

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We're working with the Amazon Conservation Team and Ruby for Good to build a geostorytelling tool to preserve oral history and local knowledge.

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D.C. Vision Zero

We helped our hometown of Washington D.C. use open data on traffic fatalities to identify the highest risk areas to focus interventions .

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Hike Finder

We provided technical guidance and discounts to Washington Trails Association for their map that helps hikers enjoy and advocate for wilderness.

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These maps are impacting decision making on the ground, for all sorts of organizations - from connectivity partners, to humanitarian agencies, to the government.
Gabriele Almon, Crisis Informatics Lead, NetHope