Mapbox Studio

Design custom maps that fit seamlessly in your application.
Design for your brand
Design on top of seven Mapbox template styles
Professional cartography
A point-and-click interface built for designers
Custom data
Import or create your own custom data layer
Cross-platform integration
Integrate your map into mobile or web apps with our SDKs
style editor

For designers, developers, and cartographers

Mapbox Studio opens up complete design control, allowing you to create beautiful custom maps to meet the needs of your users.
Start with one of seven Mapbox template styles fit for transit, outdoors, data visualization, or build an original map from the ground up.
Powered by Mapbox custom maps
Powered by Mapbox custom maps
style editor

A map design tool that works the way designers think

A visual interface

A point-and-click interface. Design maps visually and see your changes instantly.

Every pixel and zoom level

Control every design detail, from colors to stroke widths, at every zoom level.

Fonts and icons

Use professional fonts from Monotype or upload your own fonts and icons, and manage assets.

dataset editor

Fast, simple data editing

Draw and import

Create features with point, line, and polygon drawing tools or import CSV or GeoJSON files.

Data management

Add feature properties. Edit the GeoJSON source for precise control.

Image tracing

Trace shapes on top of Mapbox Satellite or upload your own imagery.


Create or modify spatial data in the dataset editor


Export and convert data into fast, simplified vector tilesets


Create filters and visualize data inside the style editor


App-ready maps

Publish the same map on every platform with fast native OpenGL renderers for iOS, Android, and the web. Scalable graphics and vector data ensure maps look crisp and fast on every device.
Select a platform and get started:

Get started now

You can start using Mapbox Studio now for free: either design a custom map from scratch or pick one of the Mapbox styles as base template.
Not sure where to start? Read our guide.

"A Powerful New Mapmaking Tool Fit for Both Pros and Newbies"

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