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Yahoo! JAPAN

Big(gest) in Japan

The leading Japanese app for maps and navigation is leveraging new map rendering capabilities to offer hyper-local, performant maps and navigation for millions of users.

As the most visited destination in Japan, we need to provide the best, most performant map to our users. Integrating with Mapbox’s live location platform will help us deliver new and customized features for our user base.

Soichi Takahashi, Unit Manager of Yahoo! JAPAN's Mobility Services
Yahoo! JAPAN app for Android

For decades, Yahoo! JAPAN’s data engineers, cartographers, and cloud infrastructure team managed complex map production software, location APIs, and rendering technology capable of meeting the demands of the Japanese market. With the move to Mapbox.jp, the engineers behind Yahoo! JAPAN’s success are accelerating the development of new, innovative services.  Whether someone is on a morning commute or looking for the perfect venue in Tokyo next summer, they now have a custom, best-in-class map experience built from Zenrin data and other partners.

Yahoo! JAPAN app for iOS
Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.