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Go further, together

The joy of exploration. The satisfaction of performance. The thrill of competition. Or just a pounding heart. Whatever moves athletes to move, Strava is where they share it with millions of others around the world.

On Strava, athletes track their activities, and connect with fellow athletes to share performances, give kudos, discover new routes, and see how they rank against themselves and the leaderboard of everyone who has been there before. If it's been run or ridden, it's on Strava.

Every activity is projected on a totally custom, modern-minimalistic map style designed to highlight the details runners and cyclists love to see. In designing the map, the team focused on one goal: ensuring the map accurately reflected an athlete’s journey. With emphasis on trail names, elevation contours, and smooth GPS traces, it’s clear when an athlete powered up a steep hill, ran by the edge of a river, through a canyon, or along the beach — helping everyone share the story of their wins, and go further together.

Strava's custom map style

Activities in the Android app
Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo - Strava Global Heatmap