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Adobe Lightroom CC uses the Mapbox Geocoding API and Static Images API to automatically add location metadata to photos and display their location on a map

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

Key benefits of building with Mapbox:

  • Translate raw coordinates into human readable place names
  • Display each photo location on a mini-map in the sidebar
  • Automatically enrich metadata with multiple levels of geocoding

products used

Static Maps


Adobe uses Mapbox to geotag photographs uploaded to Lightroom, their photo editing and management tool, to make it easy for users to locate photos within their library.

Using the Mapbox Geocoding API, Lightroom automatically adds location information to every uploaded photo taken with a phone or GPS-enabled camera. After geotagging the images, Lightroom displays the location of each photo on a thumbnail map, made with the Mapbox Static Images API, that is elegantly integrated into the photo information sidebar. 

Geotags and the map preview help users to quickly identify, sort, and search through photos. With metadata tags that translate photo coordinates into human-readable place names, users can find their photos by location with just a few keystrokes and no more endless scrolling.

relevant industries

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