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By leveraging Mapbox Maps and Search, PriceSpider created a customizable and easy-to-implement product locator to help brands serve their customers

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Customers reported an average of 2x daily increase of map views after PriceSpider integrated Mapbox maps
  • Easy to implement product proximity search built with Mapbox Search drives sales and improves customer experience
  • Granular control over the look and feel of each map helps PriceSpider match their customers’ brands

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PriceSpider’s Where to Buy solution, powered by Mapbox, is used by top commerce brands to drive sales and move customers along their buying journey. Nikon, Coca-Cola, Mattel, and others rely on their easy-to-use and robust product finder. A custom mapping experience ensures they are optimizing the buying journey from click to swipe.

There are few things worse than driving across town to get the new Nintendo Switch just to learn upon arrival it’s completely sold out. With PriceSpider’s brand commerce platform, you can rest easy knowing it will be available when you pull up.

By leveraging Mapbox Maps and Search, PriceSpider has created an easy-to-implement platform for Fortune 500 companies to let their customers quickly and reliably find the products they want to purchase. The key is to combine the company’s in-stock data with Mapbox tools so that users can simply select the product they want to find, begin typing in an address that can be auto-completed, and select a proper radius for their search - and viola! The end customer now knows exactly where to find what they’ve been looking for without worrying about it being out of stock. This type of search-on-a-map experience, supported by successful customer purchases, drives repeat customers and can lower customer acquisition costs.

By using Mapbox Maps PriceSpider has created more granular control over the look and feel of the map to match their customer’s brands, and has also seen their Map views increase by over 2x daily on average.

The images above show how PriceSpider supports the brand styles of their customers with very little code changes. This means PriceSpider can offer an individual, customized, Search service that truly helps their customer leverage the value of the own brand throughout every step of the buying journey.

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