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Focus on the fun part of travel planning - traveling

Bouncing from restaurant guides to travel review sites to recommendations from friends to actually booking a dream vacation is tedious. Booking.com is bringing the fun back to travel planning by helping users focus on what makes travel fun: discovering the best a city has to offer.

CityBook is Booking.com’s responsive city guide that combines inspiration, booking, and navigation to provide instant recommendations based on where you are and what you like. It allows travelers to explore a city to its fullest - without all the planning and the stress - by using machine learning and real-time location to suggest the best activities, bars, restaurants, landmarks, museums, and shops, during your trip. And once you’ve painted the town red, in-app navigation will guide you back to your hotel from anywhere in the city.

CityBook is currently available in English for Amsterdam, London, and Paris, with Tokyo, New York City, Berlin, Barcelona, and Rome coming soon.