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👍 marks the spot

Over a billion people use Facebook every day. Chances are, at least a few of them know which restaurant you should go to.

Facebook maps are a tour guide in the palm of your hand, using your Facebook friends’ likes, RSVPs, and reviews to help you find what you’re looking for - whether that’s Michelin-star sushi or the best dive bar in town.

When you’re searching for the perfect place to go on Facebook, Mapbox helps you get there by displaying places of interest natively in the app on Android and iOS. The only thing Mapbox can’t do is tell you what to order.

Facebook app for iOS and Android
Facebook screen as a part of Facebook app for Android
Facebook app for iOS

Whether it’s a hostel or high-end hotel, users both in China and out can book the perfect getaway. uses, our in country infrastructure, for a fast and efficient booking experience no matter where you’re traveling.

Booking so easy on it's almost relaxing.
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Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.