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See the world on Snap

Snap can take you from the bustling streets of Istanbul, straight to the front row of Madison Square Garden, and across an ocean to Big Ben, all without leaving your seat. When Snap users post a story, they open up a window into their world. Mapbox helps make it easier to find those windows.

Snap built Snap Map, a real-time heatmap of what’s happening, using Mapbox Maps SDKs for Mobile. Now, Snap users can search the globe to find the stories that matter to them.

map.snapchat.com main page

The totally custom heatmap shows us what’s happening everywhere. (And always brings a little extra 🔥 on holidays.) The more snaps submitted in an area the hotter it gets on the map — breaking the news before it hits the news. It’s a totally new view on our friends and the stories shaping our world.

Snap POI Maps
Custom designs of Snap Map
Snap Map on iOS