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Mapbox Navigation SDK elevates the Porsche driving experience with cutting-edge mapping technology

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Advanced Navigation System with real-time traffic information, detailed maps, and precise directions
  • Customizable Map Styles
  • The possibility to incorporate interactive features directly into the in-car displays

products used

Navigation SDK

From driving though the the French Alps, across the Atomic Rim Ride in Canyonlands National Park, or up Italy's spectacular Stelvio Pass, the ROADS by Porsche app lets drivers explore, record, and share the most epic routes on five continents.

To make it even easier to navigate their scenic route, the team behind ROADS leveraged the Mapbox Navigation SDK CarPlay support, providing a seamless experience across connected devices, and an easy, safe, and hands-free way to access the app’s routes and turn-by-turn guidance. With ROADS and CarPlay, drivers can keep their hands on the wheel guiding them through the next exhilarating turn.

“We created Roads by Porsche for those that simply love to drive, no matter what car brand preference. The app enables our community to access and shape a comprehensive catalogue of the world’s most exciting routes. Mapbox Navigation allowed us to bring this unique approach to life.”

Marco Brinkmann, Porsche

relevant industries

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Data Products

Base Maps

Mapbox GL JS

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Directions API

Map Matching API

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Mobile Maps SDK

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