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Using the Mapbox Navigation SDK, REVER provides motorcyclists with a comprehensive road and trail database, smooth turn-by-turn navigation, offline routing, and tailored trip planning features.

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Seamless map rendering on both web and mobile
  • The Mapbox Navigation SDK provides turn-by-turn navigation that keeps riders in-app, even when offline
  • Route tracking build with the Directions API

products used

Navigation SDK

Base Maps

Directions API

Whether you're cruising down PCH taking in the beauty of California's oceanic views or offroading Route 74 with its dramatic turns and thrilling weather conditions, you're going to want to remember your ride. For superbikes, enduros, adventure bikes, snowmobiles, or powered beer coolers — if it has a motor, REVER will help you ride it.

"Offline routing in the Navigation SDK helps REVER riders stay on course during scenic rides without cell coverage. The SDK has Apple CarPlay support, which is now one of the top five most popular features of the app. We are excited about the new features in the latest release, especially the improved location accuracy and additional customization options."

Justin Bradshaw, REVER Co-Founder

With over 3000 of the best roads, racetracks, and off-road trails around the world, REVER helps you uncover your next adventure. Plan your trips, record total mileage, and showcase the states you've ridden through.

REVER uses the Mapbox Navigation SDK to provide a turn-by-turn navigation experience within its application. Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK easy integration with custom applications enables users with seamless access to a map from all mobile platforms. Apple CarPlay integration ensures that drivers are safe as they’re off to their next quest and is a favorite feature among users. Riders also rely on offline routing to always stay connected, even when they’re exploring off-the-grid.

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