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Amazon Conservation Team

Location is tradition

For indigenous communities in the South American rainforest, the pressures of modernization, deforestation and resource extraction aren’t just a threat to the forest - they also make it more difficult to preserve oral history, culture, and traditions.

Terrastories is a geostorytelling application built to enable remote communities to locate and map their own oral traditions about places of significant meaning or value to them. Community members can add places and stories through a user-friendly interface, and make decisions about designating certain stories as private or restricted. Terrastories works both online and offline, so that remote communities can access the application entirely without needing internet connectivity.

This is really an invaluable tool. Our school is in dire need of resources to make the lessons more engaging and meaningful for the children, and we have a tool to be able to teach history, geography, language and culture all in one.

— Paul Redmond, School Principal, Public School of Pusugrunu