Store Locator

Building blocks to find stores, places, people, and anything else nearby.

Create a brand-centric design

We allow you to customize your map to match your unique brand, which drives loyalty and engagement with customers. Cartogram lets you create a branded map using your logo in minutes.

Customization of POIs

Unlike Google, we let you customize the POIs on the map to highlight your locations and hide competitors. Launch with iconography that fits your brand.

Vector maps offer a better user experience

Maps are rendered in real-time at 60 FPS on web and mobile. Powerful clustering controls let you easily visualize countless locations

Automatic integration with Mapbox’s Platform

After creating a map, it’s available to style in Studio, available via static maps and our SDKs, and designed to work with our Search and Directions.

Fast and custom store locator on your mobile app

With the Mapbox Mobile SDK, you have access to custom map styles, offline maps, fast vector maps, and can import your map directly from Studio. Our mobile maps are trusted by apps like Facebook and Snap.

Get started for free and save money

Compare how efficient you will be with Mapbox Store Locator

Free usage

1000 additional map loads

50k loads/month


28k loads/month


A site doing 3 million page loads could save $14k per month with a switch.


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