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Everyone’s heard of dinner, grocery, and alcohol delivery before. The next level—marijuana delivery. Find your strain and get the freshest greens delivered right to your doorstep. No more dreaded “nose goes” to appoint the unlucky friend, saving everyone the hassle of picking up.

Weedmaps is helping everyone from medical to recreational users stay stocked on their supply. Using Mapbox maps and navigation, Weedmaps displays locations of nearby dispensaries and connects customers to get their goods. Spend less time craving and more time blazing.

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Smooth rendering of millions of travel destinations with Mapbox GL JS

Mapbox GL JS

Base Maps

10 times faster booking experience built with Mapbox GL JS and Mapbox GL Draw

Mapbox GL JS

Base Maps

Greater customization and lower cost with Mapbox GL JS for restaurant locator maps


Mapbox GL JS

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