Fleet Management

Optimize your fleet operation with live tracking, route optimization, offline maps, and in-app navigation.

Straightaway mobile application running on an iPhone showing a detailed turn-by-turn guidance.
Mapbox fleet running on an iPad providing best in class fleet management experience.

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a complex and challenging task, especially when it comes to optimizing routes to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. As a combination of customizable maps, geocoding services, and advanced routing algorithms, effective fleet management allows businesses to make informed decisions that reduce costs, improve delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Save up to 20% on fuel with advanced route optimization

Determine the best order of stops in seconds with Optimization API V2. The optimization engine takes into account traffic patterns, road closures, incidents, weather, and most importantly - live traffic - to determine the optimal route for a driver to take.

Always deliver on time with delivery window optimization

Our optimization engine accounts for the delivery windows you set and determines the best order of stops for each driver. Always meet your SLAs and deliver on time with delivery window optimization.

Live visibility with real time tracking

With Mapbox’s location engine, get a live visibility into what’s happening on the road. Track real time location of your drivers and visualize your vehicles in a beautifully designed, custom map.

Navigate to stops without app-switching

Provide custom turn-by-turn navigation for drivers to execute on the routes. With built-in navigation, drivers never have to switch apps to navigate to stops.

No internet? No problem

With offline navigation, drivers never have to worry about internet connectivity during the delivery process. Simply download your route once and get turn-by-turn directions to your stops even if you are offline.

Frequently asked questions

What does Fleet provide for a fleet operator?

A fleet operator has access to a web dashboard to create a route by importing a spreadsheet with a list of stops or manually adding stops. Operators can then optimize the order of stops for the best route and dispatch the route to a driver. As drivers mark the stops as either completed or missed, operators can see the status of the stops and the number of stops that are complete. Once the route is dispatched, operators can’t make changes to the route.

What can fleet operators do now that they could not do before?

Fleet operators are able to save hours of time each day by automatically importing a spreadsheet with a list of stops in multiple formats such as CSV or XLS. Fleet operators can optimize their routes using Mapbox’s powerful optimization engine that takes into account 130+ different factors, including live traffic, allowing them to reduce labor and fuel costs . Along with the stops, operators can pass on important metadata about each stop such as stop instructions (“leave near the porch”, “please honk”, etc.) for each delivery, reducing the number of trouble calls from drivers each day.

What does Fleet provide for a driver?

Drivers use the Straightaway Powered by Mapbox app, available on both iOS and Android, to execute the routes dispatched by fleet operators. Drivers can receive dispatches and see how many stops and packages are there in a route. Drivers can reorder stops either by manually dragging and dropping stops or using the route optimization feature. Drivers can get turn-by-turn directions to stops and mark stops complete or missed upon arrival.

What can delivery drivers do now that they could not do before?

Logistics maps.

The Straightaway app features a custom map designed for logistics use-case. The map has large house numbers so that drivers can see house numbers without having to pinch and zoom to see a house number. Upon arrival at a stop with turn-by-turn navigation, the building gets highlighted in dark blue color so that drivers know exactly which house is their destination.

In-app navigation.

We built turn-by-turn navigation right into the app so there is no need to switch apps to get directions. With in-app navigation, drivers don’t have to leave the navigation screen to start the navigation to the next stop - when you arrive at a destination, simply click “Next stop” to start turn-by-turn routing to the next stop. And with offline navigation, drivers don’t even need an internet connection to get to stops. All drivers have to do is to download an area in a map where they make their deliveries. Now drivers can navigate to stops even on airplane mode. 

Delivery instructions.

The Straightaway app is able to receive and show valuable stop information to drivers when they need it. Fleet operators can pass on important information such as delivery time-windows, any stop instructions which can include customer requests and stop Section IDs (SIDs) which show the location of a package within the truck. 


With the stop notes feature, drivers have an ability to add notes to a particular stop (i.e. gate codes, where the entrance is, or a reminder to ring the bell upon delivery). Notes are attached to specific addresses so drivers will see the note the next time they deliver to a particular location.

What does Fleet provide for FedEx Independent Service Providers (ISPs)?

FedEx ISPs can save hours of route planning and optimization work by directly connecting their FedEx account with Mapbox Fleet. Upon enabling a data connection in the FedEx Customer Connection (FCC) portal, fleets are able to sync all the delivery routes every morning. As packages get scanned and loaded in delivery trucks, Fleet will update the routes with the correct stop and package counts. Fleet operators can then optimize the order of stops for the best path and dispatch the route to the driver. When routes are dispatched to drivers, they will include important information about each stop such as stop instructions from customers and Section ID (SID) so that drivers know exactly where the package is located in the truck.

Does Mapbox Fleet do multi-route optimization?

V1 version of Mapbox Fleet does single route optimization which means that if you have an existing route, our optimization algorithms will find the best order of stops for the given route. With multi-route optimization fleet managers will be able to provide a list of hundreds of stops and how many drivers/vehicles they would like to divide up the routes to. Mapbox’s optimization algorithms will divide stops into optimal sets of routes for each driver to tackle. We will include multi-route optimization for future versions of the platform.

Can multiple dispatchers use the dashboard at the same time as a team?

We currently support one operator for a fleet. There is no ability to add additional operators or dispatchers to a fleet.

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