Expanded Mapbox Boundaries Coverage to Enhance Applications and Analysis

30,000+ new and updated geographic boundary data coverage for Africa, Oceania, and Island States

Bing Peng

Dec 18, 2023

Expanded Mapbox Boundaries Coverage to Enhance Applications and Analysis

30,000+ new and updated geographic boundary data coverage for Africa, Oceania, and Island States


Bing Peng


Dec 18, 2023

Admin level 3 Communes, Municipalities, and Departments in Western Africa

At Mapbox we are committed to providing the most versatile and high quality map data, empowering developers and businesses to create impactful solutions in any region of the world.

Today, we're thrilled to announce the release of Mapbox Boundaries 4.3, significantly expanding data coverage with 30,000+ new and updated geographic boundaries across Africa, Oceania, and island state regions. These boundaries reflect the latest administrative, postal, statistical, and legislative changes. Additional 40,000+ new and updated features have also been applied in the Philippines, South Korea and Japan, further enhancing data accuracy and user experience.

Stats level 3 statistical areas in New Zealand

Connect Boundaries: Building a Global Future

Mapbox Boundaries sets the standard for quality and ease of use, offering the only complete solution to solve business boundary challenges. Empower customer decisions with over 5 million extensively researched and hand-checked geographic boundaries, featuring seamless edge-matching for pixel-perfect accuracy. It is also easy to use. Feature sets driven by Mapbox lightning fast and simple-to-integrate Tile Services can be added to a map with a couple of lines of code. Our comprehensive documentation, with tutorials and code examples, makes adding beautiful visualizations a breeze. All of this means that customers can focus on what matters most: extracting actionable insights and driving effective business decisions.

Top ways to leverage boundaries

  • Mapbox for Elections: Ensure accurate voter targeting and polling station allocation with precise electoral district boundaries.
  • Sales Territory Planning: Optimize the sales strategy by creating data-driven territories based on accurate administrative and postal boundaries.
  • Interactive Maps: Directly embed interactive, hyperlocalized services backed by Mapbox geolocation intelligence.

Unlocking business intelligence power

Whether you're a developer, product owner, data scientist, analyst, or business leader, Mapbox Boundaries and the suite of Mapbox Search tools provide the foundation for unlocking the power of location-based business intelligence.

We empower users through:

We've got some exciting releases coming soon, stay tuned! In the meantime, explore the expanded data coverage using the Mapbox Boundaries Explorer, or schedule a demo today to find out how Mapbox Boundaries can power your success.

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