115M improved addresses and support for 7 new countries

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Apr 8, 2021

115M improved addresses and support for 7 new countries


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Apr 8, 2021

We just refreshed the address data that powers maps and search and improved our coverage and accuracy by adding or improving 115M addresses across the United States and Europe. Developers can leverage the new addresses to optimize their in-app checkout with autocomplete forms like Trim-it, allow customers to find stores near their home or work like Blue Bottle Coffee, and help drivers find exactly where to make a delivery like Instacart. The updates are part of our continuous investment in data quality and are available immediately in the Search API, Search SDK, and Studio.

Address search, optimization, and turn-by-turn navigation features in Straightaway are already leveraging the update to help delivery drivers identify the right building for a drop-off.
Address coverage from 2020 compared to the new coverage in 2021 in Clearwater, FL.

Coverage Improvements in the US

In the United States, the update improves the accuracy of 80M addresses and adds 15M new addresses. We improved address coverage in 3,100 counties and 20 states now have 12+% more coverage than in September 2020. States like Texas and Alabama return better geocoding results for 45% of customer requests against the Search API.

Completeness for each county across the US. Notice the large coverage gains in more rural areas that went from low coverage (purple) to complete coverage (green).

Coverage Improvements in Europe

Across Europe we’ve added over 20M addresses across France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Spain and expanded search support to Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Kosovo and Lithuania.

Accuracy Improvements

35% more addresses in the US are now linked to a specific building or entrance, allowing drivers to quickly identify where to drop a package or park their car.

Address location before (red) and after the update (green).

This improvement allows Navigation SDK 2.0 to highlight buildings upon arrival and make the last 100 meters of any journey more efficient:

Combining the new address data with new high-resolution satellite imagery inside the Mobile Maps SDK, lets designers create a purpose-built map for delivery drivers and help them find the right building in an otherwise confusing apartment complex.

Our improved address data is available in the Geocoding API for both forward and reverse geocoding. Head over to the Geocoding Playground to explore the refreshed address dataset. If you are already using the mapbox.places endpoint, there is nothing you need to do to benefit from these updates. 

Forward geocoding converts addresses into geographic coordinates. Reverse geocoding turns geographic coordinates into addresses.

How Mapbox creates the best-in-class address dataset

The Mapbox conflation engine combines over a billion addresses with our road, parcel and building datasets to achieve maximum coverage and calculate the most accurate address points. In addition to ingesting commercial and open data sets, Mapbox also corrects thousands of addresses based on the feedback of our 700M users touching Mapbox maps every day.

1. Load addresses
2. Group Addresses
3. Link with Roads
4. Link with Parcels
5. Link with Buildings
6. Calculate Address
Visualization how the conflation engine calculates the most accurate address from a combination of data sources.

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