On-device routing + flexible and versatile camera + 40% faster rendering performance: Mapbox Navigation SDK v2

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Mar 11, 2021

On-device routing + flexible and versatile camera + 40% faster rendering performance: Mapbox Navigation SDK v2


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Mar 11, 2021

The Mapbox Navigation SDK v2 is now in public preview on iOS and Android. The new version incorporates the Maps SDK v10, a flexible and versatile camera, and 40% faster rendering performance to the Navigation SDK. v2 includes on-device routing that can reroute users without using a network connection, saving bandwidth and preventing users from getting lost in cellular dead zones. Developers can take advantage of these new features to add cinematic camera movements and stunning visuals to their navigation experience.

On-device routing engine

v2 includes an embedded routing engine that can reroute users without a network connection. When starting a route, the SDK preloads the area along the route into a predictive cache so it has the necessary data to generate a new route if the user misses a turn or needs to pull off for gas in a cellular dead zone.

Predictive Caching works automatically. The cached data changes based on the driver’s movement, previous drives, and current destination. The cache includes a corridor around the driver’s current route and a buffer around the destination to allow a user to start another route once they reach their destination all without a connection. This allows v2 to provide a seamless navigation experience even while driving through areas with limited connectivity, like long intercity drives or dense urban canyons.

The Predictive Cache can also be used to preload data over WiFi at distribution centers while vehicles are being loaded. Once data is preloaded users can do unlimited reroutes without consuming valuable cellular data.

Optimized Camera & Rendering for Navigation

The new Navigation Camera executes transitions to the best camera angle while taking into account the upcoming maneuver, vehicle speed, nearby POIs, and app’s overlaid UI elements. It automatically zooms in to precisely track each maneuver, then zooms out to a wider shot for the next leg of the trip.

Map rendering for route following has been improved with smoother user indicator movement, stable label positions when following a route, and tile loading optimizations that reduce the amount of data loaded on tilted map views. These improvements deliver a less distracting experience for drivers with lower bandwidth usage and improved battery life.

Building highlight upon arrival

v2 has 3D building highlights so drivers can identify the exact arrival points at their destination. Logistics companies find dropoffs happen faster with fewer incorrect deliveries by emphasizing the correct destination with 3D.

Metal Support and improved app performance

The Nav SDK leverages the new Maps SDK v10 to improve on-device performance. The SDK achieves 40% faster map loads on mobile devices, 50% faster start time, 10% less battery consumption, up to 18% less network traffic consumption and Metal support on iOS.

Read about the new performance features in the Maps SDK v10.

Pricing and terms

Like all Mapbox services, our Navigation SDK is available to developers on a pay-as-you-go basis — no commitments needed. Pricing is the same as earlier versions, and includes a free tier.

Start developing now

Create a Mapbox account, get an access token, and read the getting started guide (Android, iOS) to add navigation into any apps.

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