Insights from BUILD with Mapbox 2023

Exploring the future of location technologies

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Dec 8, 2023

Insights from BUILD with Mapbox 2023

Exploring the future of location technologies


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Dec 8, 2023

BUILD with Mapbox 2023 captured the transformative power of maps and data–bringing together a global community of developers, businesses, and location technology enthusiasts. From seasoned developers to those who are just starting to explore the world of location intelligence, there was something for everyone at our annual virtual conference exploring what's possible in the world of location technology.

In the keynote, I shared reflections on what I see as the three foundational pillars for location strategy: Enrich, Visualize, and Personalize. These pillars provide businesses and app developers with an actionable framework for thinking about how to derive value from integrating location technologies into their products and operations.

Watch the full keynote here, or read ahead to see how BUILD with Mapbox explored each of these pillars, backed by the latest product launches from Mapbox and real-world customer stories from the Mapbox community.

Enrich data with location insights

The first pillar of the framework for location strategy is Enrich. In today's data-driven world, businesses are inundated with information. Pairing business data with location can unlock insights that transform the practical application of big data. Location information not only adds a layer of context to datasets, it can also generate new data.

Clean up data with Mapbox Search

Mapbox presents an array of tools designed to infuse data with geographical context. The Mapbox Geocoding API is a prime example. Imagine converting messy, unstructured addresses from various sources into a clean, normalized format, complete with precise geographic coordinates. This product is not just about tidying up data; it's about setting the stage for accurate and meaningful visualizations.

Expand datasets with Mapbox Boundaries

Another mode of enriching data is powered by Mapbox Boundaries data, now available via API. A global dataset of administrative, statistical, political boundaries and more, Boundaries data helps you answer better questions. Ever wonder how many customers you have in a 90210 zip code? Do you need another store in Montana? Without geospatial boundaries, data looks like a fuzzy cloud of points. But with Mapbox Boundaries, you can organize and bucket data in a way that aligns with specific regions or geopolitical limits, from city districts, country borders, or even custom geofences.

Understand travel time with the Mapbox Matrix and Isochrone API

The logistics-focused Mapbox Matrix API and the Isochrone API enrich data with a different spatial perspective: what it actually means to travel between locations, following the road network. Calculate travel times and distances between multiple points or visualize areas reachable from a specific location within a set timeframe. These capabilities are invaluable for businesses like on-demand delivery services when it comes to enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Bring location intelligence into Snowflake

Businesses already managing data within Snowflake can unlock new features thanks to the Mapbox Snowflake Native Application launched this year. The integration allows you to seamlessly enrich data within Snowflake using Mapbox services, with the simplicity and power of SQL queries. Yet another option for bringing location intelligence directly into existing data workflows!

#builtwithmapbox: ParkBee improves customer experience with data enrichment

ParkBee uses Mapbox Search functionality to simplify the experience of hunting for parking in European cities. They know where parking is, and Mapbox knows where users’ addresses or points of interest are - a vivid example of how enriching data with location intelligence can directly impact and improve user experience.

“Location search functionality is especially critical for the ParkBee app experience, and with Mapbox we can easily offer quick, precise search functionality, confident in the data quality and coverage that Mapbox provides. Our users love the ease with which they can search, find, and book parking spots.” - Luca Lago, Product Designer, ParkBee

Visualize data with advanced location tools

The second pillar addressed is Visualize. Once data is enriched with location insights, another way to leverage location technology to add value is to visualize it spatially, turning data into visually engaging and easy-to-understand map-based graphics. Mapbox excels at this, with fast map rendering that can process large datasets and allow for striking immersive experiences using 3D maps and dynamic visualizations. Two new Mapbox products are especially exciting for this,  Mapbox Tiling Service and the Mapbox Standard map style.

Converting big data into fast maps with Mapbox Tiling Service

A powerful tool in any visualization toolkit is the Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS). MTS breaks down large data sets into millions of ‘tiles’ that allow a map to load quickly and smoothly. Vector tiles have proven to be a game-changer for data visualizations over the years, and now Mapbox is introducing support for raster data in MTS. Raster MTS opens up exciting new possibilities for visualizing data like weather radar, satellite images, or cellular network coverage data.

Mapbox Standard brings 3D mapping mainstream

The launch of the Mapbox Standard map style this summer redefined the expectations for digital maps. Inspired by advances in 3D rendering technology and the gaming industry, Mapbox Standard offers a highly performant and elegant 3D mapping experience that everyone can build with. It's not just about aesthetics; this new style improves wayfinding and spatial orientation for users while serving as a versatile canvas for customized location data.

#builtwithmapbox: MapsPeople transforms indoor navigation

Longtime geo-innovators MapsPeople have harnessed the capabilities of Mapbox Standard in their latest version of MapsIndoors, now with advanced 3D visualization capabilities that provide detailed, clear guidance in complex environments like shopping malls and airports. With MapsPeople’s indoor 3D expertise combined with 3D mapping from Mapbox for the wider world, the combination makes navigation intuitive and engaging.

“By leveraging the new 3D Mapbox Standard style, we seamlessly integrate indoor maps with the 3D outside world, building a map environment that mimics the real world in ways that have not been possible, before now.” - Christian Christensen, CPO, MapsPeople

Personalize the value of maps with precision navigation

The third pillar of an effective location strategy is Personalize. Developers and businesses can derive further value from location technology by personalizing the user experience. Whether the goal is to create a highly engaging consumer application or to help a fleet of delivery drivers to complete routes safely and efficiently, integrating tailored navigation features into applications is a winning location strategy.

Mapbox SDKs are leveling up location features on mobile

The Mapbox Maps SDKs are the foundation of personalization of location experiences, supporting the seamless addition of high-performance and customized maps directly into mobile applications - even more so with this year’s launch of the Maps SDKs v11. The Mapbox Navigation SDK builds on this by equipping developers to add navigation features like turn-by-turn directions, dynamic real-time routing, and clear visual and voice guidance. The flexibility and precision provided mean that any application can optimize the map experience for specific requirements, whether it's the quickest route, the most scenic path, or the one with the least traffic.

Revolutionize Electric Vehicle navigation

Drivers and fleets everywhere are going electric. To support the EV transition, Mapbox has introduced a suite of specialized navigation products tailored for EV drivers: Mapbox for EV. With Mapbox for EV, developers can build applications that integrate with vehicle battery systems to monitor personalized energy consumption patterns, intelligently forecast range, suggest charging stations based on real-time availability, and even facilitate secure payment processing at charge points. This isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about doing so in the most efficient and EV-friendly way possible.

Bring location AI into applications with MapGPT

Mapbox is also pushing the boundaries of personalization with the introduction of MapGPT, a location-aware conversational AI voice assistant service. MapGPT equips developers to add customized AI assistants into their applications to make interactions with navigation applications smarter, more intuitive, and more fun.

#builtwithmapbox: Decathlon personalizes outdoor navigation

A shining example of this personalization in action is Decathlon, the French sporting goods retailer. By incorporating Mapbox location data and user-friendly mapping interfaces, Decathlon has enhanced its customer experience, offering more engaging and interactive navigation solutions for outdoor enthusiasts.

“We created an outdoor app which offers turn-by-turn navigation on 40,000+ trails.  We use Mapbox for mapping and navigation in this app. Mapbox has truly been a game-changer in helping Decathlon provide top-notch navigation experiences. Together, we're shaping the future of sports and outdoor adventures.” - Clémence Rombauts, Product Manager, Decathlon

A future of integrated location technologies

BUILD with Mapbox 2023 invites builders of all stripes to be part of a transformative era in applied location technologies. The keynote and supporting product sessions together showcase a future where location innovations seamlessly blend into our digital and physical lives.

We invite you to join this journey of innovation with Mapbox! To keep track of the latest developments in location intelligence, try new features, and join the Mapbox community, get started by creating a Mapbox account for free or schedule a conversation with the Mapbox sales team.

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