Business intelligence

Add mapping and location to find new customers and optimize business operations

Visualize your geospatial data
Control every element of your data visualization from color, to size, to layer order.
Create fast maps with millions of points
Quickly render millions of data points, routes, and admin boundaries to reduce time-to-interactivity.
Take your visualizations across web, mobile, and offline
Display and analyze your data in beautiful maps.
Build with developer-friendly, client-side APIs
Use our fast and secure APIs to quickly change data while keeping it on your servers.

High performance maps for next generation business intelligence

Tableau vector maps and geocoding will be powered by Mapbox. Out of the box, all Tableau users get faster rendering, worldwide accuracy, beautiful custom-built styles, and geospatial extensions for deeper analytics including 3d.

Enable interactivity for working with large and fast-moving datasets

When MongoDB wanted to let users explore the data inside of their powerful database product, they turned to Mapbox. Thanks to Mapbox SDKs and open standards, they were quickly able to add the vital location component to Compass, the data and visualization GUI for MongoDB.

Extend your maps & location features with advanced data visualization

With the Mapbox Visual for Power BI plugin, Mapbox brings vector heatmaps, graduated circle maps, and cluster aggregation to Microsoft PowerBI. Upload your custom map data and control every element of your visualization to uncover new insights. Download the plugin and get started with this tutorial.

Check out some examples of the dashboards you can build here.

Enhance data discovery with Mapbox Boundaries

MicroStrategy needed to serve a growing global customer base with an increasing volume of location data.

By integrating Mapbox GL JS vector tile maps and Mapbox Boundaries, MicroStrategy expanded their product fit to access customers in new markets, and increased the volume of location data they could display from tens to hundreds of thousands of rows of data.

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