Self-host high-resolution imagery and 3D terrain with Mapbox Atlas v2.8

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May 19, 2021

Self-host high-resolution imagery and 3D terrain with Mapbox Atlas v2.8


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May 19, 2021

Mapbox Atlas v2.8 launches today, bringing high-resolution satellite imagery and terrain, 3D maps in GL JS v2, 115 million improved addresses in the US and Europe, and style components to self-hosted Mapbox deployments. Atlas v2.8 is even more secure than ever, incorporating full container and application dependency code scans to comply with FISMA regulations for security and risk management. This means that government customers can deploy Atlas in their applications more quickly, with fewer barriers to compliance.

Alongside Atlas v2.8, Atlas Custom Imagery is now available today, which provides extracts of high-resolution imagery for specific cities, regions, and countries for hosting with Atlas server. Developers can download tilesets at 50 cm resolution of regions up to 400,000 km, covering anywhere from a small metro region to an entire country the size of Germany. Custom imagery extracts integrate seamlessly with other Atlas features including draping imagery over 3D Terrain and using 3D satellite maps within Mapbox Studio.

Atlas Custom Imagery

Atlas Custom Imagery gives developers access to 50 cm and 12.5 cm resolution imagery, tiled for custom geographies and zoom levels. Self-hosting imagery can be cumbersome and expensive — storage costs and download times scale exponentially with improvements in resolution. Stitching and tiling raw imagery with tools like GDAL requires additional investment and skill. To overcome these barriers, developers can use Atlas Custom Imagery to choose the resolution, zoom level, and geography that they need and download imagery tilesets that match their use case and storage requirements. Developers can serve this imagery from Atlas in three steps: first, download the tileset(s), then copy the tileset(s) to Atlas and finally, create a style in Studio to combine and overlay high-resolution on a global imagery base layer. The combination of Atlas Custom Imagery and Studio gives developers control to add increased clarity with a seamless user experience.

Enhanced security

Atlas v2.8 is built to be secure and compliant by design to meet our customers’ container and application hardening requirements. Atlas now fully incorporates static and dynamic security scans, DoD STIGs, and CIS benchmarks into the development and release processes, lowering the barrier to entry for customers who need to comply with FISMA, RMF and NIST SP 800-53 controls, and other regulatory requirements. These security improvements reduce the burden to pass compliance audits, such as a federal authority to operate (ATO), so that developers can deploy applications with less time and more confidence.

Using Atlas has cut months off our project timeline, allowing our teams to spend more time with customers, while delivering the same mapping experience offered in our hosted products. This is because Atlas has been designed to comply with FISMA requirements, which allows us to integrate Mapbox services into our on-premises deployment without slowing down the Authority to Operate (ATO) processes for our federal customers.

- Riley Siebel, C3 AI Senior Director, Products

Satellite Imagery

Atlas v2.8 brings the updated Mapbox satellite tileset to Atlas, adding 135,000,000 km² of recent and beautiful imagery. This imagery is available in tilesets that cover the entire globe at either zoom level 12 or 14 (16-meter and 4-meter resolution respectively) and up to zoom level 20 (12.5-cm resolution) with Atlas Custom Imagery.

United States Capitol, Washington, DC

3D Terrain and GL JS v2

Developers can now use improved vector terrain data (with 10-meter contour intervals at zoom level 15) and newly added raster terrain data (with 10 cm contour intervals at zoom level 14). This elevation data is 500 times more precise than what was previously available in Atlas. And with added support for GL JS v2 in Atlas v2.8, developers can build 3D satellite basemaps with terrain exaggeration, sky controls, and the camera API.

With 3D terrain in Atlas, developers can now model the floodplains of a real estate portfolio, plan paths through mountainous terrain, or visualize aircraft flights — all in self-hosted environments.


Developers that use Atlas Search for self-hosted geocoding services on-premises or in a private cloud now benefit from the improvement of 115 million addresses and the addition of seven new countries. In the United States, the v2.8 update improves the accuracy of 80M addresses and adds 15M new addresses. Across Europe, this update adds 20M addresses and support for geocoding in seven new countries: Czechia, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Kosovo, and Lithuania.

With Atlas Search, developers can use forward geocoding to enrich latitude/longitude data with worldwide addresses, or use reverse geocoding to visualize a table of addresses on an Atlas map — all while keeping customer queries on their own servers. Atlas Search also allows developers to improve user experience by adding place and address search to applications in on-premises or private cloud deployments.


With Atlas v2.8, designers can now use Mapbox Studio style components in Atlas to customize map styles quickly with sensible defaults and upload custom fonts to match brand guidelines. Developers can bring cities to life with 3D buildings, dynamically change disputed borders and place names based on users' locales using Worldviews, add country boundaries to a style, and use Mapbox Boundaries v3. Tilestats is now included in Atlas as well, allowing developers to create more advanced style expressions. Finally, designers can now use Studio’s 3D terrain in Atlas to build 3D maps with terrain exaggeration and sky controls without writing any code.

Get started!

Atlas v2.8 is available for download today. For more information, take a look at the Atlas website and documentation for Atlas for Docker Compose and Atlas for Kubernetes or contact sales to get started with an Atlas trial.

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