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Maps built from millions of sensors

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Mapbox is the comprehensive automotive location platform for your team to create sophisticated navigation experiences, analyze connected vehicle data and power autonomous driving. Our live maps are built from a global sensor network emitting millions of data points per minute, generating real time traffic for turn by turn navigation and refreshing autonomous maps. Every vehicle and mobile device plugged into the Mapbox platform creates a better map.


Take full design control of the map experience and embed your own data with Mapbox Studio, the leading map design tool in the market.


Lane level navigation with voice support, clear turn by turn guidance, customizable design and data layers.


Enrich your HD maps with lane level speeds and manage your HD map in realtime, encrypted live layers.


Road and lane centerlines, built from sensor data to support Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Rails stored as light vector tiles for online and offline usage.

Porsche + Mapbox: Driving the Future

We're collaborating with Porsche to re-imagine the future of navigation, an experience designed for drivers that matches the soulfulness, excitement, and sheer joy of driving.

Mapbox + Rebelle Rally

It takes more than code to build an advanced automotive location platform. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Rebelle Rally, the ultimate proving ground for maps and vehicles alike. We sent four of our own to compete against 40+ factory-sponsored teams to navigate 2,000 kilometers of dirt roads, single track, and sand dunes — with only paper maps and a compass. #JointheRebelle

True avoid-traffic experience

Leverage a vast global sensor network to navigate on the freshest maps with the most accurate directions and ETAs.

Extensive sensor network

225 million miles of data collected daily via our mobile SDKs

Smarter maps

Maps constantly incorporating newly detected routes, turn restrictions, and speed profiles

Lane detection

Meet autonomous vehicle guidance needs with high quality centerline maps


Beautiful maps for turn-by-turn navigation with realtime updates of latest traffic and street changes. Customize for your dashboard and mobile app with Mapbox Studio and deploy instantly to entire fleets.

Map customization

Tailor maps to your use case and brand with the Mapbox Studio style editor. Utilize clear and predictable labelling for easy to follow navigation.


Build with global maps for streets, satellite, terrain and traffic. Embed your own data, like points of interest, charging stations or dealerships.

Vector tiles + Open GL

Save bandwidth and go offline with maps in compact vector tile format, rendered in-device using Open GL technology.


Available for:

iOS Android

Integrate mobile experiences with dashboard navigation with the same turn-by-turn directions, maps and search used in the car.

  • Fast, beautiful native map rendering
  • Streets, satellite, terrain and traffic layers
  • Mobile and in-car functionality fully equivalent
  • Online and offline capable
  • Build navigation experiences fast with our Navigation SDKs for iOS and Android

Vehicle Data Analytics

  • Generate consumer insight and drive new product with realtime location data.
  • Visualize high density information with heatmaps and 3D.
  • Enrich realtime data with geocoding, map matching and traffic data.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Rails for semi-autonomous cars. High accuracy centerlines for streets and lanes providing a guide rail for keeping level 2 and 3 autonomous vehicles safely on the street.

Sensor data

Anonymized and aggregated data preserves privacy while allowing us to quickly detect road changes. We've built the data processing pipeline to filter our data fire hose into accurate traffic, directions, and lane guidance maps. The updated map is delivered over the air to the connected car.


Turn-by-turn navigation is tuned to real-world driving conditions today, and machine navigation targeted at fully-autonomous vehicles tomorrow.


Real-time updates to traffic from millions of mobile devices for broad, timely coverage.

​ADAS map​

High-definition map with lane centerlines and valid topology to guide level 2 and level 3 semi-autonomous driving.

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