Maps and live location data for cars.

Own the driving experience

Define the journey for drivers and passengers. Control application performance and design on mobile, in dashboards, and in autonomous driving.

Mapbox for Automotive

In-car Navigation
Mobile Companion Apps
Augmented Reality
ADAS + HD Maps
Vehicle Data Analytics

A live updating map built from millions of sensors

Mapbox maps learn from every application they’re embedded in. Over 640 million people use Mapbox every month. Every day, their devices generate 14 billion anonymous sensor readings which we use to deliver precise traffic data and instantly ship over 100,000 daily changes to maps on any connected device.

Fully customizable and modular tools

Mapbox provides building blocks for engineers and designers to take full control of the navigation and automated driving experience. Customize any aspect of design, software functionality, and data. Our SDKs are fully tested and come with comprehensive documentation. They are built for over-the-air updates, with new features and improvements pushed weekly.


Customize your maps to suit your brand and your users. Using Mapbox, you decide how to integrate data into mapping services, and build an experience your users will love.


Build lane-level turn-by-turn navigation with natural voice instructions and precise travel times based on live traffic.


Access camera-based AI object detection for augmented reality navigation and automated driving applications.


Find restaurants, charge points, gas stations and addresses quickly with autocomplete search, with voice integration.

Live traffic and accurate routes powered by AI

Mapbox processes 14 billion location updates per day and turns that data into traffic information using AI and machine learning. Use this information to deliver precise, predictive drive times and find the best routes for your drivers.

Design the world at 60 frames per second

Mapbox Studio gives designers control over everything from colors and fonts, to 3D features and camera angles, to the pitch of the map as a car enters a turn. Studio designs render at 60 fps across embedded devices, mobile and the web. Beyond the Mapbox layers, Studio enables you to seamlessly embed proprietary data such as charging stations, dealerships and parking spots.

Understand the driver’s environment for AR and ADAS

The Vision SDK uses AI-powered semantic segmentation, object detection, and classification to identify the variables that define a driver’s journey. Use live data and distributed sensors to detect construction, recognize street signs and speed limits, and identify potential hazards to enable augmented reality navigation and automated driving.

Fast, cloud-based maps, anywhere

Mapbox maps update live through a global network of 10 data centers and 100 edge nodes including China. Cars and devices connect to the closest node and access fresh data with 10-100ms latency at guaranteed 99.9% uptime. In areas without connectivity, maps can be taken offline to ensure a seamless user experience.

Private and anonymous by design

Mapbox is built on the principle of privacy first. Our live learning maps solely use highly anonymized data. Mapbox does not collect any device identifiers and processes all imagery safely on device. Additionally, we break up trace data to ensure full anonymity of your operation and your end users’ privacy.