Optimize route planning, improve driver efficiency, and manage fleets in real time.

Save time and cost

Plan and execute the most efficient routes based on continuously updating road data.

Create predictability

Deliver on time every time with accurate drive time estimates and notifications.

Increase safety

Eliminate distractions with in app navigation, integrate speed limit warnings and dashcam video to encourage safe driving.

Daily map updates

Fast map updates based on vehicle telemetry - exactly where they matter to your operation.

Precise traffic

Unique access to 15 bn probe points per day from 600+ million monthly active users.

Full customization

Customize SDKs and maps to your operation, lowering integration costs.

Route Planning

Optimize routes (traveling salesman problem, vehicle routing problem), and dispatch closest drivers.

Driver navigation

Ensure perfect execution of precomputed stop sequences and reduce driver distraction with navigation embedded in your app.

Metrics & monitoring

Create powerful real time dashboards and metrics for asset tracking, manual dispatching and business metrics reporting.

Delivery tracking

Precise eta’s and beautiful maps to notify your customers of pending deliveries and pickups.

Dashboard camera

Dashboard camera with driver safety warnings and live map updates.

Recommended base map

Mapbox Light is subtle, full-featured map designed to provide geographic context while highlighting the data on your analytics dashboard, data visualization, or data overlay.

  • Specialized color systems
  • Mapbox Streets data
  • Optimized styling

The ROI for this app is a no-brainer. At $20 per route per month, PackageRoute pays for itself within the first 10 stops serviced in that month. Given our requirements for highly customized, map-driven features, Mapbox provided all the developer tools, services, and libraries we needed to move quickly. We see them as a foundational technology partner.

Pankaj Nauriyal, CEO and founder of PackageRoute

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