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Urban Archive

Hold history in your hand

Urban Archive is an immersive digital experience that enables users to explore cultural and historical archives across urban landscapes. The app leverages Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS) and 3D capabilities to tell place-based stories that integrate maps, historical images, and narratives to help connect the past and the present through the built environment. Since Urban Archive integrated MTS and the 3D capabilities of the Mobile Maps SDK, more museums are looking to partner with them on digital projects and experiment with new ways for sharing their collections.

“Maps SDK for iOS and MTS play a critical role in our ability to seamlessly deliver and surface contextually relevant cultural content to our users anywhere, anytime. We're excited to further integrate our platform with Mapbox as we continue to push the boundaries of what it means to work with museum collections.”

- Sam Addeo, Director of Community and Development, Urban Archive

Urban Archive uses Mapbox’s Mobile Maps SDK to enable users to step back in time and unlock historical events through one the apps historical tours, to track down clues in a new neighborhood on an interactive scavenger hunt, or upload personal images and contribute to the living archive. Urban Archive’s digital collection contains thousands of cultural and historical images and documents.

Want to bring Urban Archive to your city? Get in touch with the team to learn how.