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Using the Mapbox Tiling Service, Plume Labs updates their global air quality maps every 15 minutes

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • The Mapbox Tiling Service powers enterprise-grade global data updates available within minutes
  • Highly-detailed map data for street by street air quality maps
  • Simplifies data architecture by streaming data to Mapbox instead of managing self-hosted tile servers

products used

Mapbox Tiling Service

Plume Labs create personal air quality monitoring hardware by day, and use the Mapbox Tiling Service to power their global air quality index and maps by night. Every 15 minutes, Plume Labs records air quality from their distributed air quality sensors and then uses MTS to build live, street by street air quality maps.

With Mapbox and MTS, instead of managing a set of mapping servers to create these maps, Plume Labs streams data to Mapbox and gets enterprise-grade tilesets available to all their users within minutes.

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