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Interactive visualizations built with Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs help ruumi reduce livestock supply-chain emissions, improve farming efficiency, and build sustainable agriculture

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Seamless integration with custom mobile applications
  • Precise interactive maps for sustainable and transparent agriculture
  • Smooth launch in three weeks instead of two months with comprehensive documentation and implementation examples

products used

Mobile Maps SDK

Mapbox GL JS

About ruumi

ruumi offers technology, insights, and financial resources for developing sustainable and profitable farms. This supply chain platform connects farmers with sponsors dedicated to reducing emissions, delivers personalized plans to future-proof farms, and facilitates progress tracking through an interactive grazing app –– all for the ultimate goal to build a future where farming enriches the Earth.

By partnering with organizations aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and working closely with grazing experts, technical advisors, and researchers, ruumi developed interactive, precise and impactful technology that empowers shifting to low-input and high-output farming. The progress of these transformative efforts can be closely monitored using ruumi’s app, available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that each step taken is a stride towards a more sustainable and productive agricultural future.

The grassland and livestock domain needs reliable and robust mobile maps

Managing a farm can be stressful, especially when transitioning to more sustainable practices. From the start, ruumi knew that to restore ecosystems and enable farmers with robust mobile-based support while on the go, the team needed a user-centric and easy to use solution, yet high-tech, precise, and reliable at the same time. This led to the development of an app centered around an interactive map, offering vital insights at the heart of its functionality.

The team began searching for a mapping platform that could handle large amounts of precise and custom data and smoothly render it into simple but appealing interactive maps, tailored to the grassland and livestock domain needs.

A best-in-class map experience tailored to users needs 

ruumi quickly identified Mapbox as a flexible and reliable platform capable of providing fast, dependable, and precise map rendering for an app aiming to support farmers even when or where the connectivity is weak. Built with the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs for the iOS and Android, ruumi apps ensure stable, easy-to-use, and accurate map experience.

Mapbox flexibility enables the team to tailor the map-centric experience to users’ needs. The high-resolution, cloudless Mapbox Satellite style allows farmers to locate their farms and set up fields easily. A rich set of customization features enabled ruumi to build the app that assists in tracking the reduction and elimination of synthetic fertilizers, analyzing livestock movement, balancing grass supply with animal feed demand, and making the best management decisions through a user-friendly interface with just a few clicks.

Fast launch and support for scaling up the supply chain platform

We planned to launch the first usable ruumi app version in two months, but with the Mapbox Mobile SDKs, it took us less than three weeks to present it to farmers. Fast implementation enabled us to get first feedback, add improvements, and to shift our attention to other strategic goals earlier than we planned.

André Sousa, Mobile Lead, ruumi

ruumi regularly implements new features and enhances the immersive map-centric user experience. Collaboration with the Mapbox Support, comprehensive documentation, and implementation examples help ruumi speed up development, enable rapid solution-finding, and hint ideas for map improvements.

Building a custom map experience with Mapbox on iOS and Android is such a joy! The documentation is great and the developer experience was smooth from the start.

André Sousa, Mobile Lead, ruumi

Sustainable agriculture with the Mapbox Mobile SDKs

ruumi collects data on farming practices to train machine learning models to monitor, report, and verify grassland and livestock greenhouse-gas emissions at a continental scale, addressing a significant data gap in the industry. Additionally, this data offers farmers low-cost insights for making the best management decisions and improving efficiency.

The comprehensive mobile platform, built with the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs, is positioned at the intersection of state-of-the-art technology and the outdoors. In collaboration with Mapbox, ruumi not only boosts competitiveness but promotes a future where farming enriches the Earth.

The Mapbox Mobile SDKs are key to delivering a reliable and robust user experience to our grassland and livestock farmers.

Daniel Hofmann, CTO, ruumi

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