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Dharma Maps

Protecting, restoring, supporting, and sustainably sharing natural landscapes

Dharma Maps is a tight-knit team passionate about sharing the beauty of the great outdoors in a sustainable way. As nature lovers themselves, they have determined the need for communities to have access to reliable mapping tools to connect them to the places they want to know about. 

In their latest project, the team partnered with the State of Washington Tourism to launch TREAD Map, an app powered by Mapbox that promotes recreational tourism with hyper-local trail and land information. One of the main focuses of the app is to promote sustainable tourism by diverting hikers from overpopulated trails to lesser-known hidden gems. This helps stakeholders maintain the trails and facilities while opening endless explorations for all trail lovers.

TREAD Map app

The team partnered with regional experts to contribute highly localized information that is otherwise hard to find. Dharma stores all regional land ownership and trail data within the app, which allows for a quick upload and edit by land managers.

"Prior to Mapbox, our prototype was struggling to load the data we had. Now we have roughly 10x the amount of data than before and the app loads virtually instantly. We were also able to expand our functionality to automate the process of submitting large GIS files in our admin panel. Within our app, the mapping is now seamlessly connected to our in-app social media feed, leading to a unique and innovative user experience".

Marc Rothmeyer, Founder

Not only has Mapbox allowed Dharma Maps to load more data faster using MTS, but also complete customization of their maps with mobile maps SDK v10 to best match their users and branding.

TREAM Map providing localized information

As Dharma Maps continues to help communities and people find their way, the ability to leverage technologies like Mapbox has helped uncover special places, share their unique stories, and conserve their natural beauty.


Download TREAD MAP here

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tread-map/id1497706353p

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.treadmaps