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Who needs teleportation when you have Measure Ground Control? Plan, Collect and Process Your Drone Missions

What’s the last thing drone pilots need when working on a critical job? Poorly designed software. Measure created Ground Control to resolve the headaches of drone fleet operators through a single, robust platform. Saving hazardous man-hours and prioritizing accuracy, Ground Control automates the vital aspects of your drone program: flight planning, data collection, data processing, imagery analysis, flight compliance, and mission reporting, to name a few…I’m already tired and I haven’t even unplugged my drone battery from its charger.

“Thanks to Mapbox, our platform enables users to harness the transformative benefits of drone technology. We take the multifaceted data from each drone flight — 274 points of data recorded 10 times per second, to be exact — and bring it to life through intuitive, user-friendly visuals.”

Grant Furick, Measure CTO