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Using Mapbox GL JS, Static Images API, and Geocoding API, Archilogic simplifies development and visualization of interior spaces for apps and websites

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • The ease of integrating Mapbox GL JS into custom applications makes it easy to combine floor plans and Mapbox map layers
  • Archilogic can focus on interior spaces, confident that Mapbox maps and geocoding cover the rest of the world 
  • The Mapbox Static Images API simplifies implementation of simple map images

products used

Static Maps


Mapbox GL JS

Archilogic makes it easy for software developers to build apps and experiences that are aware of interior space, all without needing professional resources like Architects or General Contractors. Archilogic simplifies the process of digitizing space, and then provides a model that can be used to manage, edit, visualize, query, and integrate concepts of interior space via a set of SDKs and APIs.

Archilogic’s Space API was written with Mapbox in mind, delivering floor plan visualizations and data in formats that work off-the-shelf as map layers.  This makes it easier than ever to visualize floor plans, make them interactive, and seamlessly move between geographic maps and interior space.

Using Mapbox with Archilogic's APIs and SDKs opens up endless possibilities for our customers to build seamless interactions between geographic maps and interior space, while allowing them to take advantage of their digital representations of interior space without having to duplicate data or invest in a new service.

Elisa Feng, Product Manager

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