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CKE Restaurants improved visibility and service with a customized store locator built with Mapbox Maps and Search

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox provides a highly flexible and customizable store locator solution
  • The Mapbox Geocoding API provides customers with an easy search function based on current location or a specific address, city, or state
  • Global data coverage and reliable service power restaurant search in more than 40 countries

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CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., “CKE” — owners and franchisors of the iconic Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s® duo — provides some of the most unique and innovative menu items in fast-food dining. With a store locator powered by Mapbox, searching for that red and yellow Happy Star logo is now easier than ever. 

CKE built a customized locator powered by Mapbox Maps and Search, which allows them to better serve their customers across the world by easily connecting them to their nearest restaurant location. Users can search using their current location or they can browse stores by inputting a set address, city or state.

“We initially approached Mapbox for a store locator employing custom maps reflective of our brand and colors. Over time, we developed a strong relationship between their team and our new digital and innovation team. They helped expedite a proof of concept for our locator and gave ample technical and styling guidance along the way. We look forward to exploring future marketing, digital, and social initiatives with Mapbox.”

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.

Whether it’s Carl’s Jr. ® or Hardee’s®, CKE has brought their Happy Star logo and craveable food to restaurants in 44 US territories as well as internationally in 43 foreign countries including Australia, India, China, Chile, Cambodia and Kenya.

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