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Using Mapbox GL JS and Geocoding, Curative built a COVID-19 testing site locator for prompt search and seamless appointments scheduling nationwide

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Reliable map services during periods of high usage
  • Smooth rendering of large custom datasets
  • Improved users experience with intuitive location search

products used

Mapbox GL JS


Curative launched their new COVID-19 testing site locator that helps people quickly find one of their 8,000+ convenient, safe, and accurate COVID-19 test sites.

As winter holidays approach in North America, wide-scale testing is key to controlling the pandemic. More people can get tested for COVID-19 when tests are nearby and easy to find. Curative has booths, vans, and pop-up locations across the United States Each location is equipped to test for COVID and will provide results in under 48 hours. Curative needed a solution that allowed individuals to find testing locations and schedule their appointments quickly.

Curative's testing site locator

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