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People-powered networks to start a wireless revolution

Helium is a blockchain-based wireless network startup that allows individuals to set up routers in their homes or buildings to connect to the internet. This network is used to connect low-bandwidth IoT devices such as scooters, agricultural sensors, and pet sensors to connect to the internet through a decentralized wireless network. Helium’s network map, powered by Mapbox, allows consumers of the network to research hotspots with complete transparency, and even set up a hotspot of their own.

Helium's Explorer Map

“Helium’s community needs to understand where to place new hotspots, which makes them heavy maps users. We needed a partner with incredible technologies and a team willing to work with us to create an amazing user experience that can scale. Mapbox provided great tech, helped us predict usage, and provided access to resources for continually improving our explorer map.”

- Andrew Allen, VP of Engineering, Helium
Detailed Hotspot Information

Helium “hotspots” can be set up anywhere by anyone. Each Helium hotspot earns their proprietary cryptocurrency “HNT”. The backbone of Helium’s infrastructure is the ability for community members to earn HNT for standing up routers in optimal network growth locations.

Helium’s network map uses map loads and vector tiles to visualize which hotspots are connecting to each other and how much each hotspot is earning on a monthly basis. Not all earnings are equal as the design of the network encourages hotspots to be set up just outside where existing hotspots already exist. These hotspots earn more HNT than hotspots that are completely remote or hotspots inside a densely populated area.