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By switching to Mapbox, TIER Mobility reduced overall loading time while doubling how many vehicles the map can load, outperforming their previous solution by 4x

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Faster and more efficient map loading results in a ‘super smooth experience’ with no dropped frames
  • The Mapbox Mobile SDK easily loads large datasets in real time to help users locate multiple micromobility options nearby
  • Internal teams also use Mapbox Maps on dashboards to visualize users’ trip data

products used

Mobile Maps SDK

As Europe's leading shared micro-mobility provider, Tier Mobility provides people with a range of shared, light electric vehicles, from e-scooters to e-bikes and e-mopeds. Not only has the company reinforced its position as a frequent mode of transport for many commuters and travelers in Europe and parts of the Middle East, but it is also helping cities reduce their dependence on cars and movement towards a zero-emission future.

Mapbox integration in the Tier app

Mapbox has provided helpful solutions in order to expand everyone’s access to sustainable, easily accessible and multimodal mobility solutions. Every city has their own guidelines regulating where various mobility vehicles can park and operate. A challenge that mobility companies face is accurately mapping these various zones in a way that is both informative for riders and easy to interact with.

With regulations becoming more complex, heavy zone data is easily loaded using Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK. This allows for all of Tier’s vehicle types and areas of location to be shown in the app in real time without dropped frames when panning around the map. Internally, Mapbox Maps are used to visualize trip data start points, trip traces, and end points to identify where and when trips start, stop, and navigate to. 

How Tier works

With the help of Mapbox, starting a ride with Tier is easy and fun. Users can get started smoothly by finding the nearest e-scooter, e-moped, or e-bike using our maps in the app. As urbanization continues at a rapid pace, Tier is ready to meet the demands for more active mobility, and together with Mapbox, continued technological developments create a more intuitive operational experience for consumers, and further the energy efficiency of its products.

With the map being the most central part of our application, performance is crucial. By switching to Mapbox, we not only managed to reduce the overall loading time but also to load twice as many vehicles at the same time. This is important considering our continuously increasing fleet size. When it comes to interacting with the map, Mapbox outperforms our previous solution by 4x, delivering a super smooth experience. We are also looking forward to exploring further Mapbox services to continue to deliver the best app experience for our customers.

Florian Weingarten, Head of Product - Ride Experience

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