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Traffic-aware travel times from Mapbox help Vá De Táxi enhance the ride experience with accurate and up-to-date information and better ride planning

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • The Mapbox Directions API provides updated ETAs every few minutes
  • Mapbox GL JS and the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs provide fast map rendering on both web and mobile
  • The Mapbox Static Images API gives Vá De Táxi users a fast and up-to-date snapshot of taxi location and pick-up and drop-off locations

products used

Mobile Maps SDK

Directions API

Static Maps

Mapbox GL JS

The first step in getting to any destination is the question: “How do you want to get there?” In Brazil, the answer is “vá de táxi!”

São Paulo based Vá De Táxi is modernizing Brazil's taxi industry by providing tools to improve the experience for taxi companies, drivers, and riders — down to the ability to chose a price, and even request favorite drivers.

Through the seamless integration of the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK into custom applications, Vá De Táxi can provide customers with high-performance, modern maps for mobile with the possible to call taxis and pay for rides 100% in-app.

Live-traffic informed ETAs help the company balance driver distribution to match demand, and provide accurate info so riders know how soon they can hop in and vá de táxi.

Mapbox has been the perfect partner to grow with us as we’ve scaled from tracking over 30,000 drivers a month to 130,000, across ride-hailing, corporate fleets, and more. With the addition of live-traffic, especially in Brazil, we’re able to provide accurate ETAs and increase engagement for both drivers and users.

Tatiana Vecchi , CEO, Vá De Táxi

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Base Maps

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Static Maps


Mapbox GL JS

High-performance Store Locator maps with Mapbox GL JS and Geocoding


Mapbox GL JS


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