BUILD with Mapbox: Location Intelligence Partners Building for the Future

How Mapbox drives innovation in a variety of industries

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Dec 14, 2022

BUILD with Mapbox: Location Intelligence Partners Building for the Future

How Mapbox drives innovation in a variety of industries


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Dec 14, 2022

BUILD with Mapbox brought together brilliant engineers, developers, and product experts to discuss how Mapbox can provide industry-specific solutions.

To set the tone of the event and preview the latest updates from Mapbox, the keynote session featured innovative customers showcasing how Mapbox helps farmers with sustainable practices, informs healthcare providers in rural communities, and drives innovation in the automotive industry, to name a few.

Read on to learn more, or watch the recorded keynote here.

OneSoil Visualizes Profitability and Sustainability

Farming is about more than providing food and making profit. It’s about creating sustainable practices to lessen industry’s environmental impact.

OneSoil is helping farmers achieve both higher profits and environmental protection. Morten Schmidt, CEO of OneSoil, joined BUILD to explain how.

Using satellite remote sensing and artificial intelligence, OneSoil measures and analyzes field variability and creates prescriptions for custom seed, fertilizer, and chemical applications. OneSoil tests their project by measuring over half a million acres in field trials, and finds a potential for 10% profitability increase.

But how does OneSoil reduce the environmental impact of agriculture?

When too much fertilizer is applied to a field, excess nitrogen is released into the atmosphere, creating harmful greenhouse gas. OneSoil’s technology allows farmers to understand exactly how much fertilizer plants need, preventing that excess nitrogen from entering the atmosphere.

"Data about a field will always contain a map and give a location. The starting point for any visualization and analytics that we do is the map and Mapbox for us is a critical element of our application from a UX and UI point of view." - Morten Schmidt, CEO, OneSoil

To create a better user experience for their customers, OneSoil partners with Mapbox to deliver high quality maps that allow farmers to easily visualize and analyze fields.

Varicent Boosts Sales Per Territory with Maps

Varicent is a software company focused on helping businesses drive growth through sales, quota, compensation and solutions.

Marcus Hearne, Chief Marketing Officer at Varicent, shared how his team uses Mapbox technology to help their customers reach revenue goals.

For Varicent customers, hitting sales quotas per region means using location technology, and this is where Mapbox and Varicent’s partnership flourishes. Mapbox provides Varicent users with a robust, visually-driven, high-value experience for territory management.

"Territory planning and management is the heart of the sales plan. The mapping capabilities embedded in our solution from Mapbox are really critical to our customers to be able to do that properly and it solves it by being a visual capability." - Marcus Hearne, CMO, Varicent

Mapbox allows Varicent customers to quickly build map-based territories and optimize their market coverage. Mapbox also combines excellent data visualizations with territory-driven calculations for digestible geographic info—which looks much nicer than a simple list of zip codes and street names.

Toyota Looks Ahead with Quality Mapping Updates

Charan Lota, Executive Chief Engineer and Group Vice President, Connected Technologies at Toyota Motor North America, shared how mapping technologies are an essential part of Toyota’s future.

In the past ten years, built-in navigational technology has become the standard in automotives. Most consumers expect fully integrated infotainment solutions, including high-quality navigation, streaming and music – typically with a screen built in.

This creates challenges for Toyota’s team of engineers, who aim to ensure lasting quality, dependability and reliability in each aspect of their customer experience. In addition to being exciting and easy-to-use, hardware needs to have tenure for at least the coming decade. This often means it must be updatable and adaptable.

Partnering with Mapbox allows Toyota to create maps that are not just smooth and modern, but also easily upgradable. Mapbox provides fully cloud-based maps that users can bring up to date themselves with a simple IG cycle. This allows maps in Toyota vehicles to stay fresh and up-to-date for years to come.

"Keeping things updated and upgraded is really important. Partnering with companies like Mapbox actually allows us to do that. Not just having it be something that's written on a specification or a piece of paper, but something that we actually  do in production in the market." - Charan Lota, Executive Chief Engineer and Group Vice President for Connected Technologies, TMNA

This technology has been critical for Toyota to create an optimal user experience, aligning with their core values of respect and quality. They want to create digital tools that not only work, but have longevity, security, and adaptability.

Picnic Delivers Faster with Mapbox Routing

Picnic is a digital consumer application that provides grocery delivery. The company has no physical storefronts, instead relying entirely on specially designed electric vehicles to get products to customers. Joris-Jan Kraak, product owner at Picnic, walked us through how Picnic uses Mapbox technology to create a better user experience.

Picnic vehicles are designed to reduce emissions and avoid blocking traffic on narrow European streets. Their unique design calls for unique navigational services. Because of their speed and height, traditional navigational apps just didn’t get the job done.

The Mapbox Navigation SDK and Directions API allow Picnic to create customized routing solutions, including in-app routing and the capability to plan delivery routes ahead of time. This helps drivers stay on route and on schedule while also making their journey safer and faster.

"In a matter of weeks, we were testing a customized routing solution for our drivers with routing and turn-by-turn directions available directly within the Picnic driver app. Today, these solutions are helping us keep drivers on route and on schedule, and the feedback we get from the app and drivers helps us continue to improve and reward driver behavior and navigation more precisely." - Joris-Jan Kraak, Product Owner, Picnic

The World Bank Increases Access with Geographic Insights

The World Bank is using the Mapbox Matrix API to bring equitable healthcare to the citizens of the Philippines. Andres Chamorro, geographer at the World Bank joined us to explain how.

The Filipino government partnered with the World Bank to figure out how to integrate better healthcare solutions throughout the nation. Health services are highly fragmented within their administration, leading to inconsistency in access to healthcare for citizens. The World Bank needed to find solutions, but first, they needed data.

With the Matrix API, The World Bank is able to estimate the travel time from every one kilometer grid cell in a designated region to the nearest health facility or hospital. The Matrix API has also helped model networks between health facilities of different service levels, such as health stations, rural health units, and hospitals, demonstrating solutions for referral pathways.

Mapbox Matrix API was the right tool because it considers the road network and incorporates forces like traffic into its calculations. The data gathered using the API was presented to the Filipino government to help create optimal solutions for health care in the Philippines. 

"There were several benefits of using the Matrix API for this analysis. It was a big improvement over using just straight distances because it considers the road networks, and it also provided more realistic travel time estimates because it incorporates things like traffic." - Andres Chamorro, Geographer, World Bank

Andres and World Bank are excited for new features of the API like the depart ad perimeter to continue creating solutions with Mapbox.

To learn more about exciting new developments at Mapbox, check out our Winter 2022 Release.

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