Location-based AR Platform

The only global platform for powering location-based AR games and experiences.

Live location data

Popularity of locations determined by anonymized data aggregated from over 300 million users a month allows for gameplay to adjust based on when and where people are present

Points of interest

A geotagger's world atlas of locations and categories of the most interesting places and the routes that people follow between them in every country in the world, letting app developers interact with real-world businesses and landmarks

Multi-user, multiplayer support

Using the distance, angle, and position of the selected plane, we let users interact and collaborate in real time, knowing the position of other devices by building up a 3D model of the device’s relative position and sync between devices -- the first multi-user AR experience built using the Maps SDK for Unity

3D digital elevation model

A global mesh including real terrain height. This elevation data is tiled into small pieces to make it distributable at scale with low latency around the globe; updates are dynamic

Satellite imagery for low bandwidth

Gauge bandwidth by testing the download speed and adjust compression automatically

High resolution land cover

From NASA satellite imagery to identifying unique land cover classes ranging from parks to beaches to bodies or water to industrial areas, this is data that powers game play logic

Built for developers

Easy & highly customizable

Use our platform to have a working prototype in minutes and then customize maps and experiences to your needs.

Build with confidence

Our platform has guaranteed uptime for enterprise customers, so you can launch your games & apps at any scale without worry.

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