Asset tracking

A customizable set of building blocks for managing fleets, planning routes, and tracking assets.

Track assets on maps

Build fast, custom maps with Mapbox Studio or choose from one of our professionally designed maps leveraging up-to-date street level detail to help dispatchers with decision-making.


Design custom maps that fit seamlessly into your asset tracking platform.

A comprehensive map fully-loaded with the world's road and transit networks.

Route intelligently

Plan traffic-aware routes in-app using our Navigation SDKs to addresses worldwide powered by our Geocoding API.


You control the entire navigation experience, from assigning your drivers a destination to providing them with turn-by-turn directions until they arrive. Your app can react to changing traffic conditions or stops in real-time.

Global coverage of addresses, cities, and towns for forward and reverse geocoding results.

Increase revenue by optimizing fleets

Improve last mile delivery and fleet uptime efficiency with the Optimization API and the Matrix API.


Generate optimal delivery routes for multiple stops across an entire fleet.

Calculate ETAs and run your own algorithms for solving optimization problems.

Optimize fleet performance illustration
Platform benefits
Icon cost

Reduce costs

Reduce fuel costs and maintenance time along a fleet's journeys by analyzing performance and creating geofences using Turf.js and Mapbox GL JS.

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Increase safety

Improve driver management with historic speed profiles to help drivers stay safe on the road.

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Real-time operational visibility

Connect your asset data hosted anywhere to Mapbox's open source APIs and SDKs via custom workflows.

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