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Getting ship done

Just like truck-driver-turned-movie-star Liam Neeson, Transfix has a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired helping connect companies like Target, Glossier, and Unilever looking to ship goods with truckers looking to haul them.

The cargo space in trucks, on the other hand, isn’t guaranteed to be taken. Truckers travel 65 billion empty miles each year in the US alone. Transfix wants to stop that with tools that efficiently match shipments with carriers, and in the process help small and independent drivers compete with trucking giants.

Transfix dashboard

Their truckload of tools include instant quotes, rate, negotiation, and reporting and analysis. Once shipments are underway, dashboards powered by our Directions API let customers track their assets in real time, view truck locations, and see ETAs on pickups and drop-offs.

"It took us all of about 10 minutes to get up and running with Mapbox. We felt comfortable switching because of the ease of use of the API; it’s well-documented, and the implementation was easy for us. The maps are also a new level of prettiness from what we had before."

- Jonathan Salama, CTO, Transfix