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Park. Pay. Be on your way.

Finding a parking spot in a city is typically a pain. You circle the block praying a space will appear, wonder if you’re getting the best price at a lot, or having to run back to pay the meter. Passport is fixing that - for both residents looking to park and cities needing to optimize their enforcement.

Passport Parking on iOS

With “Find Parking” in their iOS and Android app, users can search for and hold a spot even before they leave the house. Just enter your final destination to see all available locations on a Mapbox map with customer markers. Tap any pin to learn more about the location, like address, restrictions, and rates. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, you can book directly from the map — no unique code to plug in or street sign with instructions to track down. And when your session is almost up? Passport sends a text reminder, allowing you to “feed the meter” with just a few clicks.

Monitoring activity and performance behind the scenes

For cities, Passport gives parking enforcement real-time insight into where enforcement officers are and how they’re using their time. Passport customers can track officers in the field, streamline their routes, and monitor trends all on a custom Mapbox map.

Monitoring and optimizing a cities parking enforcement infrastructure.